10 Pence, Ireland,Used

10 Pence, Ireland,Used


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Series:1969~2001 – Eire (Decimal)
Themes:Animals (Fauna) | Fishes | Musical Instruments
Issued on:1993
Last issue date:2000
Distribution:Standard Circulation
Mints:Currency Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Orientation:Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim:Raised. Gladiform. Both sides
Weight:5.45 grams
Diameter:22 mm
Thickness:1.9 mm
Face value:10 p – Irish penny
Known mintage:262,966,000
Composition Details:75% copper, 25% nickel
Front: An Atlantic Salmon (right, Salmo salar)
above (value) 10 P (Pence)
legend: none
Back: Harp (coat of arms without shield, cláirseach, 1541, reg. 1945)
legend: (left, state name) éIRe (right, year) 1993 – 2000
Edge: G – grained, type: grooves

Designer: Percival Metcalf (obverse)
Demonetized: 02-09-2002

A small number of 1992 trial 10p coins were also minted for testing of new Coin-operated telephone booths and vending machines so they will be up to date when the coin was eventually released. None were released for circulation.
All known samples of 1992-dated coins has been found and its movements are closely tracked by the Irish Numismatics.


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