Rwanda 500 Francs Uncirculated

Rwanda 500 Francs Uncirculated

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Condition Uncirculated (UNC)

Year – 2019

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The franc is the official currency in Rwanda since 1960 when it replaced the Belgian Congo franc. The official currency symbol is FRw. In 1964, the Government introduced a provisional note from 20 to 1,000 francs. In 1977, the 20 and 50 francs notes were replaced by a coin. The 5,000 francs notes were introduced in 1978, followed by the 2,000 francs in 2007. In 2013 the 100 francs notes changed to coin, and the National Bank of Rwanda announced a new 500 and 1000 francs notes in 2019.

The 500 Rwandan francs note front design features a scene alluding to livestock; three grazing cattle, one of them in stamp silhouette. The lettering of this side of the note is in the Kinyarwanda language. The reverse note side illustrates a scene alluding to education; four students wearing a scholar uniform at laptops; scene alluding to education. The lettering on this side of the note is in the English language. This note is part of the 2013 series, and its color is blue and gray on a multicolor underprint.

Text: Banki Nkuru Y’u Rwanda, Iyi Noti Yemewe N’ Amategeko, Unuyobozi Wa Banki Wungirije, Umuyobozi Wa Banki, 500 Amafaranga Magana Atanu, 01.01.2013, National Bank of Rwanda, This Note is Legal Tender, Five Hundred Francs, 500.

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