5 Rupees (Death of 3rd Prime Minister Indira Gandhi)

5 Rupees (Death of 3rd Prime Minister Indira Gandhi)


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Themes:Coats of Arms | Heads of State | Heraldic Animals | Lions | Sculptures | Statesmen
Issued on:1985
Last issue date:1985
Distribution:Circulating Commemorative
Mints:India Government Mint, Mumbai, India
Orientation:Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim:Raised. Dotted circle. Both sides
Weight:12.5 grams
Diameter:31 mm
Face value:5 ₹ – Indian rupee
Known mintage:59,288,000
Composition Details:75% copper, 25% nickel
Front: Coat of arms (26 January 1950, Ashoka Lion Capital)
with (motto) सत्यसेव जयते (transliteration: Sa.ty.a.m+e.va Ja.ya.t+e)
(Truth Alone Triumphs) above (value) 5
legend: (upper-left, state name in Hindi) भारत (bh.ā.ra.t)
(upper-right, state name in English) INDIA
(lower-left, currency in Hindi) रूपया (r+ū+pa.y+e)
(lower-right, currency in English) RUPEES
Back: Bust 3rd Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
1st term: 24 January 1966 – 24 March 1977
2nd term: 14 January 1980 – 31 October 1984
* 19 November 1917, Allahabad, United Provinces,
British India (now in Uttar Pradesh, India)
⚭ (26.III.1942) Feroze Gandhi (12.IX.1912-8.IX.1960)
+ assassinated, 31 October 1984 (aged 66) New Delhi,
Delhi, India
buried: cremated (3 November) near Raj Ghat
legend: (left, name in Hindi) इंन्दिरा गांधी
(transliteration: ī+n.d.i.r.ā g.ā+n.dh.ī)
(right, name in English) INDIRA GANDHI
(bottom, life years) 1917 – 1984
mintmark: (bottom-below dash)
diamond: (B), ◆ (Mumbai, Bombay)
letter: B (Mumbai, Bombay, proof edition)
5-pointed star: (H, Hyderabad)
Edge: S2 – security, type: 3 •/•\•/•\• with 2 plain parts


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