100 Dirhams (The 40th Anniversary of Central Bank of the UAE)

100 Dirhams (The 40th Anniversary of Central Bank of the UAE)


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Themes:Anniversaries and Jubilees | Banks | Coats of Arms | Geometric Shapes | Heads of State
Issued on:2013-11-30
Last issue date:2013-11-30
Distribution:Numismatic Product
Orientation:Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim:Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Weight:60 grams
Diameter:60 mm
Face value:100 د.إ – United Arab Emirates dirham
Known mintage:10,000
Composition Details:925/1000 Silver 0.xxx oz. ASW, 75/1000 copper

Front: Bust of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (front)
looking to the right above (value) درهـــمـ ١٠٠
(m.h.r.d ←, 100 Dirhams) on a frosted cirle
legend: (above) صاحب السُمو الشيخ خليفة بن زايد آل نهيان
(n.’a.y.h.n(a) l.’a d.y(i).)’a.z n.b(i) at.f.ī.l.kh(a)
kh.y.sh(a).l.’a w.m.s(u).l.’a b.h(i).’a.s ←,
(translated: His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan)
(below, title) رئيس دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة
(a.d.h(i).t(a).m(u).l.’a at.ī.b.r(a).’e(a).l.’a
t.’a.r.’a.m.l+a→i.’a at.l.w.d(a) s.y.y(i).r(a) ←,
translated: President of the United Arab Emirates)
Back: Colored coat of arms (22 March 2008,
Hawk of Quraish)
with UAE flag on a disk with and seven stars
representing the seven Emirates of the federation
in its talons a red parchment bearing the name of the
federation in Kufic script
between (arced, above) الذكرى الأربعين
(n.y.’e.b.r.l+a.’a ā.r.k.dh.l.’a ←, Fortieth anniversary)
(below) مســـــكوكة تذكارية (a.ī.r.’a.k.dh.t(i) at.k.ū.k.s.m(a) ←,
commemorative coin) on a frosted cirle
between period years, left) 2013 and (right) 1973
(below, arced subject) The 40th Anniversary
legend: (above, subject in Arabic) مصرف الامارات العربيّة المتحدة المركزي
(ī.z.k(a).r.m(a).l.’a at.d.h(i).t(a).m(u).l.’a t.y.b.r.’e.l.’a
t.’a.r.’a.m.l+a→i.’a f.r(i).s.m(a) ←)
(below, in English) CENTRAL BANK OF THE UAE
Edge: G – grained, type: bars


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